Second Grade Behavior Plan:  Class Dojo

We wanted to tell you about one of the behavior tools we use in our classrooms called Class Dojo.  It is a website that allows teachers to give students immediate feedback on their behaviors, positive and negative.  Students get very excited when they are awarded points (it’s on display the entire school day) and one of the best things we’ve noticed is that they root for each other!  They are so sweet to each other, congratulating others when they receive a positive point.  
One of the great features of Class Dojo is that it allows the classroom teacher to send you a “behavior and skills report” every Friday by email.  Our hope is that this will help close the gap between school and home, and help you better understand the progress of your child on a week to week basis.  
Students are also able to have their own account using a special code so they can customize their monster avatars on their own!
We know you will be proud to see the great behaviors they are displaying, and in turn, if there is something they need to work on, you will be able to see that as well. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call your child’s 2nd grade teacher.   We appreciate your support!  Thank you!  

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