Tier II Reading Reinforcements 7/8


Teacher’s Name: Sue Souba

Room N umber: 107

Phone: 982-7377




Course Description: Reading Reinforcements 7 and Reading Reinforcements 8 are designed to help students improve their reading ability. The class will use the Voyagers Journeys reading curriculum, plus assorted young adult novels, articles, and other text sources. The emphasis in this class is on personal improvement.

Student materials needed for this course: Students will need to bring pencils, paper, and assigned projects to class every day. Reading material will be provided.

Grading Scale: Students will earn points for participating in group work, completing assignments, and meeting lesson objectives. Grading is aligned with the school’s grading policy.

Classroom rules expectations, and procedures: Respectful treatment of our space and one another is the number one rule in this class. Persistently disruptive or disrespectful students will be removed from the learning area for a short time (hallway, other part of the room, or detention if needed). Chronic offenders can expect a call home to parents.

Also, students are expected to be in the classroom before the bell rings. Three tardies will result in a lunch detention served either in the detention room or in my room.

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