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Hi, My name is John Shipman and I have been teaching at Milaca High School for 22 years. I am licensed to teach Biology 7-12, Earth/Space Science 7-12, Physical Science 5-9, and I have a masters of education. The subjects I teach from year to year varies by the number of students taking particular courses. I believe there is more to learning than what can be found in the book and I work closely with students on being as well rounded as a person can be. I enjoy gardening and being a general do it yourselfer, with a passion for alternative energy and my family. I am married and we have one son and three daughters, ranging in ages from 13 to 23.
Earth Science 8 JS
Earth Science 8 is a lab intensive class that focuses on the areas of Meteorology, Astronomy, Geology, and Hydrology.
Phys Sci I JS

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