iPad Turn-in Process 2013-2014

ALC: Thursday, May 22nd--Tech staff will go to ALC for collection process starting at 10:00AM

12th and 07th Grade Turn in: Tuesday, May 27th in Media Center by Science Class (Seniors will be called down alphabetically).

08th Grade: Wednesday, May 28th in Media Center by Science Class

09th Grade: Thursday, May 29th in Media Center by Science Class

10th Grade: Friday, May 30th in Media Center by Science Class

11th Grade: Monday, June 2nd in Media Center (Juniors will be called down alphabetically).
Back up to iCloud prior to Turn-In
Because your iPad will be wiped it is important that you back up your data to iCloud before turning it in. We WILL NOT have time during the turn in process to help students back up their iPads.

Below are links and a video on how to back up to iCloud.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I638g7sAfDs


If you need assistance backing up please stop and see someone in the Media center.
Turn-In Process:

Students will again have a paper form to fill out ahead of time. Teachers will distribute these forms during class. On  "turn-in" day, students will "un-case" the iPad when they get to the media center so that staff can check for damage. Once the iPad has been examined there will be stations for cleaning devices/cases. Once the iPad is cleaned and "re-cased" the iPad will be erased back to the original "Hello" screen.

At this time we are not selling iPads to Seniors or other students. Those students returning in the fall will receive the same device/case.

Please bring a check or money for the following items if they apply to you. Please note that we will NOT issue a student an ipad in the fall if their balance isn't cleared.

Lost or missing iPad--$350.00
Lost or Damaged Case--$35.00
Non-Accidental Glass Breakage (or if turned in with broken screen)--$50.00
Missing Charger/Cable--$15.00
Missing Stand--no charge

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