A conversation with a first grade student who is participating in a Reading Recovery lesson...

Rereading Familiar Books

In every lesson every day, I get to read lots of little books.  I get to pick some of my favorite stories that I have read before. This is easy for me. I try to read my book like a story and make it sound like talking.  My teacher says, “That’s good reading; that’s how readers sound.”

Rereading Yesterday’s Book

Now I have to read a book all by myself!  My teacher will check on me and won’t help me unless I have a problem.  If I can’t figure out a word or I get all mixed up, my teacher will tell me the word or say, “Try that again.”

Letters and Learning How Words Work

I need to do work on learning about letters or important “chunks” of words.  My teacher knows all about the things I need to learn.  I like to move the magnetic letters around on the board.  Those letters help me understand what I am learning.

Writing a Sentence Story

Every day I get to think up my own story to write in my writing book.  I can write lots of the words all by myself.  My teacher likes my stories and helps me work to figure out how to write some of the words.  We use sound boxes and I say the word I want to write slowly so I can hear the sounds.  Then I write the letters in the boxes on the practice page all by myself.  I like to read my story when I’m done.

Cut-Up Story

I read the story and my teacher writes it on a long strip of paper.  My teacher cuts up my story so I can put it back together.  I have to think real hard to get it all back together.  Most of the time I do! 

New Book

Now it’s my turn to work hard again!  I like this new story time and I know my lesson is almost over.  When I come to a tricky part, my teacher will ask me questions to help me think or might show me what I should try to think about or do.  My teacher is trying to teach me to do all the things that readers do.

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