What happens during a Reading Recovery lesson?

The series of lessons are designed to meet the daily needs of each student but a ‘typical’ Reading Recovery lesson would include:

  • Reading 2 or more familiar books
  • Re-reading the new book introduced yesterday
  • Working with letter identification (magnetic letters)
  • Breaking words into parts (magnetic letters)
  • Composing and writing a story sentence (with support)
  • Reconstructing the cut-up story
  • Participating in a new book introduction
  • Reading the new book

The starting place for each student is what he/she can already do. The student has his/her own box of carefully chosen books. These books become familiar and give the student practice reading with phrasing and fluency. When books are reread, the meaning is already there, and the student can concentrate on making new discoveries relating to the look and structure of the writing.

Within the lesson there is a small but important part of the lesson when the student uses magnetic letters to learn about letters, and making and breaking words. This word work teaches the student to learn how we can take words apart and put them together to help us read and write, th-at, m-or-n-ing The student also learns to use known words to get to new words, d-ay: st-ay, pl-ay-ing

Writing is an essential part of the lesson. This is where the student learns the links between spoken and written language. Students use and expand their knowledge of phonemic awareness (sounds within words). He/she learns that letter order is important when reading and spelling.

The written story is quickly copied to a sentence strip that can be cut into words and parts of words. The student re-assembles the story. He/she is required to search, locate, check, self-correct, reread and predict- all skills that are needed when reading.

The lesson always finishes with a new book. New books provide the opportunity to learn new vocabulary and try out known and new strategies.

If your child is selected to take part in Reading Recovery you will be invited to attend a lesson with the Reading Recovery teacher and your child very early in the series of lessons.



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