Kristine Monson
Art I
Art II
Art 7
Art 7 is a yearlong course that meets every other day. Students will focus on elements and principles of art and how they are used in art. Students will also be studying some art history, learning drawing techniques, color theory, different styles of art, and studying the art of other cultures. Units of study include: • Line and Contour Line • Portrait Drawing and Caricatures • Value and Shading • Color and Color Mixing • Texture – Actual and Visual • Sculpture, Form and 3D Art • Multicultural studies – Molas of the Kuna Indians • Symmetry and Balance • Calligraphy • Printmaking
Art 8
Art 8 is a year long class that meets every other day. In Art 8, we will take a look at art through history while reviewing the art elements and principles. Possible topics include: • Art of Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome • Art of Asia • Middle Ages • Renaissance • Rococo • Realism • Impressionism • Post-Impressionism • Expressionism • Surrealism • Art Nouveau • Abstract Expressionism • Pop • Op • Minimalism • Conceptualism
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