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I am a Teacher of students with specific learning disabilities (SLD) and of students who have developmental cognitive disabilities (DCD). You may contact me anytime if you have any questions about special education.

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Eng Journeys HS
Students will focus on, and be assessed regularly, on their fluency skills (Reading, Comprehending, and Writing). The English Journey’s curriculum will be used along with supplemental reading and writing activities. This will include online sources and activities, providing standards-based instruction. Grades will be based on daily participation and assignments, with daily participation carrying the most weight.
Academic Skills
In Academic Skills we will work part of the time on skills that are useful to students – such as planner use and self-advocacy. Students are also expected to bring any and all homework because there will be time most days for working on homework. I will provide assistance to students who want it, to the best of my ability. Students who claim to not have any work are expected to work on their IEP goals, find something to read, assist others, do journal writing, and/or do a teacher-approved activity. If a student is not working on any of the above-mentioned activities, the teacher will provide the student with appropriate activities. I will check students’ grades regularly to help them keep track of their grades and progress in school. Individual plans will be instated as needed to help students who are falling behind in their classes. Students will be expected to use a record-keeping device for their classroom assignments such as the school planner. Student grades will be reflective of their effort in this class, and of their grades in their other classes, since this course is designed to help students be successful. In other words, a student cannot earn an A in Academic Skills if they are failing most or all of their other classes.

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