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Repeated Oral Assisted Reading

Repeated Oral Assisted Reading (ROAR) is a partner reading practice that will help a student become a better reading in the following ways:
  • He/she will read more accurately, mispronouncing or needing help on fewer words
  • He/she will read more fluently (better expression and faster)
  • He/she will remember and understand what has been read better
  • Short texts and/or sentences that the student can read with at least 95% accuracy
  • Progress monitoring graph
  • Blue marker (cold read)
  • Red/Pink Marker (warm read)
  • Timer
  • ​​​​​​Have the student do a cold read for one minute.  Chart his/her words read correct in blue (cold read) on his/her progress monitoring graph.
  • Teacher's Turn - slide finger smoothly under each word as you read the sentence, ensure that the student tracks WITH you at every step.  Read at a normal pace.  If the student is a slow reader, start at a slower pace, but speed up when reviewing sets of sentences that have been practiced in isolation.  
  • Together - keep going if the student stumbles over a word.  Do not call attention to errors.  Go back and repeat #1 and #2 until the student reads fluently with you.  
  • Student alone - the student reads the sentence alone.  Repeat #1 and #2 if the student stumbles or reads very slowly.
  • Repeat steps #1, #2, and #3 with the next sentence.  
  • Combine sentences to build fluency with longer segments.
  • Student tracks at all times.
  • Time the student for one minute on the same passage.  Chart his/her words read correct in red/pink on his/her progress monitoring graph. Discuss improvements.