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November 6, 2018 Special Election

On Monday, August 20, 2018, the Milaca School Board unanimously approved two ballot initiatives to address the challenges facing our district. The questions read as follows:

The board of Independent School District No. 912 (Milaca), Minnesota has proposed to increase the School District’s general education revenue by $415 per pupil, subject to an annual increase at the rate of inflation. The proposed referendum revenue authorization would be first levied in 2018 for taxes payable in 2019 and applicable for ten (10) years unless otherwise revoked or reduced as provided by law.

The question above is for an operating levy. An operating levy is a local voter approved levy (or tax) that supports general school operations including student programs and services. The length of this levy is expected to be for a period of 10 years with funds available at the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

Shall the board of Independent School District No. 912 (Milaca), Minnesota be authorized to issue general obligation school building bonds in an aggregate amount not to exceed $4,105,000 for acquisition and betterment of school sites and facilities, including various required capital maintenance projects inclusive of roofing, pool, windows and security?

This question is for a bond referendum. A bond referendum is a local voter levy (or tax) that helps improve or repair buildings. The levy would last 15 years with funds being available as soon as the proceeds from the sale of the bond are deposited.

The district desires to continue to responsibly manage current and future tax levies. If the proposed operating referendum (question 1) passes, taxes on a $100,000 home will increase approximately $6.20/month in 2019. If the bond referendum (question 2) passes, taxes on a $100,000 home will increase approximately $0.41/month in 2019. If both questions pass, taxes on a $100,000 home will increase approximately $6.61/month in 2019. These questions are independent of one another with no contingency.

Mark your calendar for November 6, 2018! Milaca Public Schools will be asking our community to vote on these important areas and your vote - as someone with a vested and direct interest - is needed!

We will send further details about the operating and bond referendum and additional reminders to vote over the coming weeks. I encourage you to talk with friends and neighbors about the importance of education to families in our district and the importance of preserving our schools for future students and the community. If you have questions or would like me to visit you or a group of community members, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached at 320-982-7210 or


Tim Truebenbach



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