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January 26 - Grades PreK-6 In-Person & Grades 7-9 In-Person with 1 day Distance Learning Per Week

Milaca Families -

The building is filled with energy from the return of grades PreK-2 to In-Person Learning and grades 3-12 to Hybrid Learning, but we want more! We want the return of all students to In-Person Learning. Our county case number per 10,000 has had a significant decrease. Clearly, as a community, you are giving your best effort to get students back in school. Like me, you want more! As the case numbers continue to decline, the ability to bring students back for In-Person Learning improves. We can do this!

As another small step in the right direction, on Monday, February 1, grades 3-9 will also return to In-Person Learning. Grades 3-6 will return to In-Person Learning every day. Grades 7-9 will return to In-Person Learning that will include one day of Distance Learning per week. Grades 10-12 will remain in Hybrid-Learning at this time with hopes of them returning to In-Person Learning in the near future. With the return of grades PreK-6 to In-Person Learning, there will no longer be Essential Care offered.

Free school lunch and breakfast will continue through the end of the school year. Meals are available for pick up on the days your student is not in-person from 6:45-8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. at the High School Cafeteria doors.

As a reminder, there is no school on Friday, February 12, and Monday, February 15. Meal service is not offered on the days students are not in school.

We are continuing to closely monitor the local COVID case numbers and are working with county health and our Regional Support Team to bring back as many students as safely allowed. Hopefully soon, we will welcome grades 10-12 back. Again, there is a direct correlation between the decline of county case numbers and bringing students back for In-Person Learning.

I know the continuous learning model changes are a challenge for both students and families. I appreciate your continued patience and support. It will take a continued effort of our community to ensure students stay with In-Person Learning, but I believe in our community. Through the strength of our wolf pack, we will persevere!

Stay healthy,

Dr. David Wedin

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