7-12th grade students who are not in special education, but who need extra help might be eligible for AIP services at Milaca High School!
These services will look different depending upon the student's grade in school.

Room #TBD
Intervention Specialist: Mrs. Knudsen
Phone # 320-982-7286

How it works:

TIER I AIP SERVICE: Resource Room Access
Most students are initially placed at this level of service. They are given a pass to the AIP rescource room which they can use as needed to get help on daily assignments. They might also use the resource room as an alternate place to take tests. Students are expected to use this resource a minimum of four times per quarter in order to remain active in the Academic Intervention Program. At the Tier I stage no changes are made to the student's daily schedule, and it is up to the student to make the most out of this resource. A thorough Continual Learning Plan is developed for each AIP student. Their teachers are notified of their involvement in the program, and are given suggestions on how to meet the idividual's needs.

TIER II AIP SERVICE: Resource Room PLUS Scheduled Study Time
Students who need more help might be invited participate in the Tier II level of AIP service. In addition to having access to the AIP resource room, Tier II AIP students will be scheduled in the AIP room for one period daily (*9th grade), or every other day (7-8th grade). For 9th graders this takes the place of a regular study hall and might be scheduled at any time throughout the day. Younger Tier II AIP students will have a STUDY SKILLS CLASS during 5th or 6th period. This is a highly structured study time, designed to teach study skills as well as support work completion. Students are graded on their participation.

*SAT occasionally recommends placement of older students as well.



Entering the Program:
This program is designed to help students develop the skills they will need to be successful in high school. Students are usually referred to the program by their teachers who may have concerns about the child’s attendance, academic skills, grades, work habits, or other issues. If a student meets specific criteria set forth by the state of Minnesota, they are invited to join the program. The student’s schedule might be adjusted to give them regular contact with the AIP teacher. All students in the program are also encouraged to use the AIP Resource Room as needed during open hours. A minimum of four visits per quarter is expected.

Members of the AIP may receive the following services:
1. Help with daily assignments as needed
2. Modifications on assignments and/or tests as appropriate
3. Extensions of assignments as needed and appropriate
4. Special incentive programs
5. Ongoing communication between teachers and parents
6. Help with organization

Students will be expected to do the following:
1. Attended school regularly
2. Make an effort on Standardized Assessments
3. Make an effort to pass their classes
4. Practice effective work habits
5. Use the AIP resource room at least four times per quarter

Exiting the Program:
Students may exit the program in one of four ways:
1. “Graduation” from the program.
Students must meet the following criteria in order to “graduate” from the program:
a. Attendance: No more than 12 absences (excused or otherwise) per semester.
b. Assessment scores: NWEA RIT scores within 2 grades of current grade level.
c. Grades: Passing at least 4 core classes per semester with average amount of help or modifications.
d. Work Habits: planning work time, being punctual, managing materials, managing work time, and behaving appropriately.

2. Referral to another program.
If a student fails to show improvement for more than one semeste, he or she may be referred to the Student Assistance Team for alternative or additional services.

3. Outgrow the program.
Extensive services within the AIP are generally limited to students who are under the age of 16 and who are taking 7th, 8th, or 9th grade classes. When necessary, students will be referred to the Student Assistance Team or even full time Area Learning Center for continued services. Students who only need occasional help as 10th, 11th and 12th graders may continue to use the AIP Resource Room at the Tier I level, aka "peer tutoring".

4. Withdrawal at parent’s request.
Parents are free to withdraw students at any time. We ask that this be done in writing for our records.


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