7th and 8th Grade Reading Program Overview

Milaca High School provides support to struggling readers in
7th and 8th grade at several levels.
These levels are called RTI Tiers.

Tier I: All students receive general (Core) reading instruction within their English class.

Tier II: Students who do not pass standardized reading assessments will also get short weekly reading lessons with Mrs. Souba, a licensed reading teacher. These lessons will likely take place during students' social studies hour.  Students will receive credit for their participation, as well as quarterly rewards. 

In addition to weekly reading lessons, students will be placed in a
"Reinforcements" class that meets every other day. These classes are small in size and are developed to meet individual reading needs. The Reinforcements classes are taught by Mrs. Souba and Mr. Pedersen.

Tier III: This level of intensive service is provided within the special education department to students who are in special education.


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