LUNCH MENU: September
ORDER LUNCH: Monday 9/28/20
                               Tuesday 9/29/20

      Check out our graduation video to celebrate all of your accomplishments: 
                                  MALC Graduation Recognition Video LINK


    The Milaca Area Learning Center (ALC) offers an alternative approach to earning a high school
    diploma.  We invite you to explore the opportunity of joining our learning community.
    If you are interested in taking control of your education and are a Milaca High School student,
    contact your school counselor to discuss your educational needs and obtain a referral to the
    ALC.  S/he will help you determine if you meet the criteria for attending the ALC.  Your counselor
    will determine the credits you need to complete in order to graduate from the high school.

    If you are a student from a district outside of Milaca, you can contact the ALC directly to set-up
    an informational meeting.   Tel: (320) 982-7249  Em: Milaca ALC