Milaca Public Schools
500 Highway 23 West
Milaca, MN 56353

Milaca 7-12 Online is a public school using an innovative online program that is flexible, evidence-based, and based on sound pedagogy. Our unique approach is designed to develop positive relationships with students and allows us to tailor an education that is specific to each learner. 

We are approved for students grades 7 to 12 to enroll in either supplemental or comprehensive programs in online courses.

Milaca 7-12 Online uses the evidence-based Edgenuity and locally developed curriculum. Our curriculum provides students with an engaging and personalized learning environment.  Students work towards a Milaca High School Diploma and must meet the Milaca High School credit requirements.

We don’t believe that one type of school is better for all students than another type of school. What we do believe is that, for one child, a particular school could definitely be a better fit than another school! And for some kids, an online school is that perfect fit. 

Grades 7-12 Contact:
Kyle Shepard