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Can home school or nonpublic school students participate in online learning from a certified provider and generate state funding for online learning? 

Answer 1: The Omnibus Education Bill (2005) changed funding for online learning such that Minnesota nonpublic school students must become full- time public school students to be eligible to generate funding for OLL courses. 

Nonpublic school students (home and private school students) can generate funding through the shared-time aid law (Minnesota Statutes, section 126 Subdivision c19), but the students must participate in core curriculum from a public school building. Therefore, nonpublic school students can generate shared-time aid for online learning only for the number of hours they access the course from a computer in a public school building.


Mn Statute 126C.19  Subd. 4.

SHARED TIME AID - Location of services.

(a) Public school programs that provide instruction in core curriculum may be provided to shared time pupils only at a public school building. Public school programs, excluding programs that provide instruction in core curriculum, may be provided to shared time pupils at a public school building, a neutral site, the nonpublic school, or any other suitable location. 


Answer 2: Nonpublic school students can pay for courses. This fee is determined by the length of the course (Quarter, Semester, School Year) and is assessed at the beginning of the course. Students do not have to come into the school building if this option is chosen. Part of the online programs expectations is weekly contact with the Online Student Coordinator. Please contact the Online Program Coordinator for pricing structures.



Edgenuity is our online learning management system that provides our curriculum base. Courses have been reviewed by our staff and are aligned with the Minnesota State Standards.

A list of Milaca K12 Online is attached to the link. If you find a course you are interested in please contact the Online Coordinator for more information or by using the link above to Edgenuity you can find more information about the learning management system.