Milaca Public Schools
500 Highway 23 West
Milaca, MN 56353



  • Students are required to complete a student intake meeting with the Online Director to complete required paperwork. Parents are encouraged to attend this meeting.

  • Students are required to complete a one hour orientation with the Student Online Coordinator to go over access to program, communication requirements, parent access and communication, etc… (It is strongly advised that parents attend this orientation.)

  • Students should initiate contact with the online instructor if having any difficulty with the Edgenuity program. 

            Contact Information:

                               Kyle Shepard Online Program Coordinator



  • Students will need to participate in weekly contact appointments with Student Online Coordinator or their designee.

Weekly Options:

    • Scheduled Google Hangout

    • Scheduled Appointment (Face to Face)

    • Students can schedule any time they would like to spend working on course work  when our building is open : Monday-Thursday 7:30 - 4:45, Friday 7:30-3:05. 

  • Students can complete coursework at their own pace but must complete the course in a semester period. Extension for courses can be obtained by contacting the Online Program Director.

  • Students will need to participate in weekly contact until coursework is completed.

  • Students will schedule a Review & Goal Setting Session at the end of each quarter with the Student Online Coordinator.

  • Attendance is documented through the student logging into the Edgenuity System and must be actively working on coursework 4 hours a week for each course they are enrolled in.

  • Students can access our facility to complete coursework at any time during scheduled hours.