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EL (English Learners)

The EL (English Learners) program is designed to assist any student who has a native language in his or her background other than English. The goal of EL services is for students to achieve academic language proficiency in the areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. At the elementary level (K-6), EL students are pulled from the mainstream classroom in half-hour blocks anywhere from once per week to every day, based on level of need. High school students in grades 7-12 who require EL services have 1-2 periods per day (or every other day) set aside entirely for EL Study Skills or EL English classes.

When an EL student demonstrates English proficiency through language assessment scores and academic observations, he or she will begin the exiting process. The student will then receive indirect EL services by being placed in the monitoring phase. During the monitoring phase, the student is observed three times throughout the following year to ensure continued success. After this one-year period, the student will either be fully exited from EL, continue to be in the monitoring phase, or will re-establish direct EL services.

I welcome any questions or comments you have about Milaca’s EL program—feel free to contact me anytime.

Thank you!

Valerie Anderson, EL/ALP
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