Milaca Public Schools
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Milaca, MN 56353


August 2019: 2022-2023 Ms. Hakes-Anderson, Mrs. Arens, Mr. Greninger, Mrs. Black, Mr. Lundeen

Welcome to Fourth Grade!

          Fourth Grade is an exciting school year filled with many events and important learning opportunities! We work to develop student responsibility, respect, citizenship, and honesty, the foundation of the Milaca School Character Traits. Our curriculum is chosen for its ability to align and support the Minnesota State Standards. Regularly, we compare our curriculum goals, testing results, and the state standards to look for ways we can improve. We make continual adjustments based on current data to meet the individual learning needs of our students. We work closely together and benefit from the talents and experiences of our five-member teaching team. All the Milaca fourth grade teachers earned their Master's Degrees in Education. We enjoy teaching and working with students! We are proud to be teachers at Milaca Elementary!

It will be a fabulous year! Fourth-grade learners can begin their successful experience at in Fourth Grade by:
      1.) Arriving at school ready to learn
           - being rested
           - eating breakfast
           - having materials, including a Student Planner and Homework Folder
      2.) Bringing home the Student Planner and Homework Folder every night and having a parent or adult
          sign it
      3.) Using class work time
      4.) Demonstrating the School Classroom, Hallway, Playground, Lunchroom, and Bathroom
          Expectations with attention to responsibility, respect, citizenship, honesty, and volume levels.
      5.) Asking questions and developing strategies for success
      6.) Telling adults at school and home when you need help 

Families can support our learning by:
      1.) Checking planners daily and signing them
      2.) Developing a family routine that works for your home
           - having time to work on homework
           - having a quiet place, free of distractions for homework
      3.) Talking to your student about school
           - what went well during their day?
           - what needs to change during their day?
      4.) Reading newsletters and blogs from school
      5.) Asking questions and contacting staff for clarifications
      6.) Modeling and identifying how you apply our fourth-grade learning in your experiences
           - reading for pleasure and information
           - applying math to make decisions in purchases and decision making
           - applying respect, responsibility, citizenship, and honesty in your daily lives
           - and more!
      7.) Encouraging and praising your child for their sincere efforts and gains.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our Fourth Grade Home Page! We appreciate your time!