Milaca Public Schools
500 Highway 23 West
Milaca, MN 56353
Welcome to First Grade

 Mrs. Kipka, Ms. Ranweiler, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Vivant, Mrs. Barland

Children in first grade will begin to develop learning skills which will be necessary for their entire lives. We are building the foundations for success later in life.

First and foremost, we are helping your child develop an awareness and appreciation of language. We emphasize basic communication skills which include: letter recognition, letter sounds, sight words, phonetic words, comprehension, spelling, and writing.

In math our focus includes:
- reading, writing, and counting numbers to 120
- addition and subtraction strategies
- beginning time and money skills
- patterns, shapes, and measurement
- data and graphing
- place value 

All other areas of our curriculum, such as science, social studies and health support the learning we do in reading and math.