Committee Name 2017 Committee Members
(lead is underlined)
a. Building and Grounds B. Baker, T. Quaintance, B. Rensenbrink, Superintendent
b. Finance Committee B. Baker, A. Struffert, J. Day, Business Manager, Superintendent
c. Negotiations Committees  
i.  Teacher Negotiations S. Ploeger, J. Larson, T. Quaintance, Superintendent
ii.  Clerical and Dist. Office B. Baker, A. Struffert, T. Quaintance, Superintendent
iii.  Paraprofessional J. Day, B. Rensenbrink, T. Quaintance, Superintendent
iv.  Food Service B. Rensenbrink, J. Day, T. Quaintance, Superintendent
v.  Custodial A. Struffert, B. Baker, T. Quaintance, Superintendent
vi.  Administration, Activity Director, Business Manager, Technology, Supt., Food Service Manager, Facility Manager, Principals, Community Ed Director T. Quaintance, J. Larson, S. Ploeger, Superintendent
d. Transportation Committee T. Quaintance, B. Rensenbrink
e. Superintendent Evaluation J. Larson, T. Quaintance, S. Ploeger
f. Policy Committee A. Struffert, B. Baker, B. Rensenbrink, Superintendent
g. Teacher Meet and Confer B. Baker, J. Day, Superintendent
h Renewable Energy and Sustainability J. Larson, T. Quaintance, B. Baker, Superintendent
Board Representatives / Agencies 2017 Representative
a. Legislative Report B. Baker
b. MN State High School League T. Quaintance
c. ECMECC (Cable TV) A. Struffert (alt. B. Rensenbrink), Superintendent
d. Economic Development J. Day, Superintendent
e. Community Education J. Day, S. Ploeger
f. Calendar Committee T. Quaintance, B. Baker, S. Ploeger
g. ALC Rep A. Struffert, J. Day
h. Wellness J. Day, A. Struffert, M. Zens
i. ETeam/Safety/Drug Free J. Larson, T. Quaintance
j. Rum River Special Ed Co-op B. Rensenbrink
k. Health Insurance Committee S. Ploeger, B. Rensenbrink, Superintendent
l. Teacher Development & Eval B. Rensenbrink, J. Day, Superintendent
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