Testing and Assessment
Testing and assessment provide data for students, parents, teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders throughout the community.  We use the data to give feedback to students and parents about educational progress and proficiency.  We use the data to determine the effectiveness of programs and curricula.  We use the data to measure ourselves against standards and other systems.

A number of assessments are required by state and federal government.  Other assessments are a local choice because they provide usable data at critical times throughout the school year.  The key to all assessment, whether it be classroom-developed or nationally-normed, is to make sure we use it appropriately.  The wealth of information from assessments makes it possible for us to use multiple measures in our decision-making process.  

Local assessments include classroom tests and projects as well as NWEA (MAP) testing and FAST testing. State and federal assessments include MCAs in reading, math, and science along with the ACT plus Writing.

If you have any questions please contact Dave Wedin.

 General Information and Dates

Updated (August 2017) Testing Calendar

Specific State Required Spring Testing Dates

 Parent Resources

MDE Assessment Refusal Form 

MDE's Minnesota Test Requirements.

Pearson Access

Pearson Perspective for Families

NWEA Parent Toolkit

 Student Resources

Pearson Access

Pearson Perspective for Families

Test Prep for The ACT

 Staff Resources

Test Security Training

Assurance of Test Security and Non-Disclosure

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