World's Best Workforce
The World's Best Workforce Plan (state statute, section 120B.11) is a comprehensive, long-term strategic plan to support and improve teaching and learning with the ultimate goal of creating the world's best workforce.  In order to create the world's best workforce, Milaca Public Schools and all public schools in Minnesota must make progress toward
  • closing the identified achievement gaps
  • making sure all students are ready for kindergarten
  • making sure all students in third grade are achieving grade-level literacy
  • making sure all students attain career and college readiness before graduating from high school
  • making sure all students graduate from high school
 World's Best Workforce Plans

World's Best Workforce Plan 2016-2017

 World's Best Workforce Committee

2016-2017 World's Best Workforce Committee List



 Worlds Best Workforce Support Documents

2015-2016 MDE Summary Report

2015-2016 Staff Development Summary & 2016-2017 Staff Development Goals and Guidelines

2015-2016 Achievement Summary Data

World's Best Workforce Public Meeting Presentation

Milaca's 2016 Literacy Plan

MDE Requirements
This link provides access to the Minnesota Department of Education's information regarding the World's Best Workforce plan and the expectations of MDE for school districts.

Agenda for May 23, 2017

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