Milaca High School Activities
Academic Eligibility Policy Procedure
1. Students must maintain passing grades (Year to Date) in all classes they are currently enrolled in to maintain academic eligibility.
a. Students in special circumstances must be making satisfactory progress toward the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).

2. Grades are reviewed at 3 week intervals during each quarter by the activities office. (Three times per quarter at weeks 3, 6 and 9. Week 9 is their final quarter or semester grade.)

3. If a student is failing, they will enter a 2 week probation period. Participation may continue through these 2 weeks, but the focus will be on the student’s academics. Students may have only one probation period per class per semester.

4. Students that are on probation for a third time or more will meet with parents and administration to develop a plan for academic success.

5. If any failing grades remain after the 2 week probation, the student will be immediately suspended from participation (i.e. practice, games, etc,) in all events until they earn passing grades.

6. Students are declared eligible when “passing” status is achieved.

7. In year-long classes, if students were failing at the end of semester 1, they will remain ineligible at the beginning of semester 2 until the 3 week grade check.

8. This policy begins at the beginning of each school year. All students begin the year as eligible as long as the student meets MSHSL credit requirements for graduation.

9. Students eligible (earning passing grades, not on probation) at the beginning of MSHSL tournament play shall remain eligible throughout the tournament.

10. MSHSL rules regarding “credit requirement for graduation” MSHSL Bylaw 103 and Bylaw 108 are defined as:
a. Beginning of 10th 5.0 credits passed
b. Beginning of 11th 11.0 credits passed
c. Beginning of 12th 16.0 credits passed
Final eligibility status is maintained by the activities office. This is a collaborative process, but the status is maintained and enforced by the activities office. Students are notified 1 week prior to grade reviews that grades are about to be checked, and passing status will be required.
INELIGIBLE means: Students are expected to practice according to team/activity policy, but may not participate in games/activities.
Roles & Responsibilities
●  Maintain passing grades in all current classes.
●  Make necessary improvements when advised.
●  Communicate with coaches and teachers regarding academic concerns 

●  Send rosters to the activities office at the beginning of the season.
●  Enforce suspensions and reinstatements.
●  Encourage students to perform well academically.
●  Remind students of upcoming grade review dates. 

●  Communicate concerns to the activities office.
●  Communicate “passing” status to the activities office when a probationary student achieves it.
●  Keep grades updated per the staff handbook.
●  Remind students of upcoming grade review dates. 

Activities Office
●  Review participating students’ YTD grades at week 3, 6 and 9 of each quarter.
●  Call students in to notify of failures. Notify parents that the student is placed on 
●  Reassess failing students and notify them of continued eligibility status.
●  Notify coaching staff of probation and reinstatements.
●  Remind students of upcoming grade review dates. 

● Work with staff to ensure that grades are updated per the staff handbook.
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