Milaca Public Schools
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Welcome to Third Grade

The core subjects for 3rd grade; Communications (reading, spelling, writing, language, and handwriting), Mathematics, Health, and Computer Skills are taught by each teacher. Science and Social Studies are rotated between two classrooms.

Student goals for this year include being a responsible learner, working cooperatively with others, completing both school and home assignments to the best of their abilities and on time, developing life skills, and acquiring a joy for learning.

Third Grade is a time of transition from the primary years into the independent intermediate years. During this time students move from manuscript to cursive writing, start basic computer skills, expand mathematical thinking to include division, multiplication, and problem solving, and begin to engage in independent work habits. An increase in weekly spelling lists, an introduction of more grammar skills, and a focus on developing reading fluency are all parts of the changes in Communications.

Another aspect of this transition includes the Minnesota Standards. To meet the requirements of these standards, the students do a variety of projects throughout the school year. The students will also be required to take a Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment Test in Reading and Math in the Spring, and NWEA tests, given three times (Fall, Winter and Spring).