Staff Resources

Links to some of the most commonly used resources can be found on the left menu bar.

Logins: EBC Login, Employee Self Service Login, HSA Account Login,TIES iCue Login,FirstClass Email Login, Staff Google Account Login, Wiki/Blog Login

Accident Forms: Student Accident Report Forms

EBC/HSA Forms: EBC Dependent Daycare Receipt, EBC Reimbursement Claim Form, HSA Payroll Deferral Form

Handbooks: Elementary Staff Handbook, High School Staff Handbook, High School Student Handbook, Paraprofessional Manual

Health/Nurse: MSRA Powerpoint, AED: Automated External Defibrillator, Indoor Air Quality Form, Occupant Health and Comfort Questionnaire

MHS App Request Link

Prior Approval/Lane Change Forms

School Event Forms: Distribution of Materials Form, Van/Bus Request Form, Fundraiser Form, Overnight Trip Request Form

Student Activity Fund forms: Activity Purpose Form, Receipt Transmittal Form, Student Disbursement Request

Student Concern Referral Form

Supply Order / Reimbursement Forms: Expense Report Form, Requisition Supply Form, Trip Log

Teaching Resources: Problem Solving Model, Math Expressions, Teacher Request for Assistance Form
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