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Math Resources - Kindergarten

We’ve found activities and games to go with the units you’re studying in class. Units are based on the sequence found in our Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Math Expressions series.

Math Expressions for Families: includes Unit Overview, Family Letters, and Math Background.

Unit 1:  Understand Numbers 1-10

Counting Toys
The Place Value Game
Learn Numbers
100 Numbers
Fill the Missing Number
Bees and Honey
Connect the Dots
Numerical Order
Sorting Under the Sea
Birthday Candle Count

Unit 2:  Explore 5 - Groups
Kids on the Bus
Number Blocks
Base Ten Bingo
Ten Frame
Whale Game: Ten

Unit 3:  Teen Numbers as Tens and Ones
Fruit Shoot
Number Track
Roll to the Finish

Unit 4:  Partners, Problem Drawings, and Tens
Sharks: Base Ten Block
Drag and Drop Numbers

Unit 5:  Consolidation of Concepts
Math Stories
Popup Addition

Unit 6:  Money, Time, Measurement, and Numbers
Coin Tutorial
Measurement: Time to Move the Fish
Measurement Comparison: Measuring