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Math Resources - First Grade

We’ve found activities and games to go with the units you’re studying in class. Units are based on the sequence found in our Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Math Expressions series.

Math Expressions for Families: includes Unit Overview, Family Letters, and Math Background.

Unit 1:  Early Number Activities
Number Chart
Caterpillar Slider

Unit 2:  Operations and Simple Equations
Fruit Shoot
Marble Math Addition 
Math Fact Shootout
Classroom Capers - Subtraction
Line Jumper

Unit 3:  Story Problem Strategies
2D and 3D Shapes Shapes

Unit 4:  Basic Ten-Structured Concepts
Octopus 10s
Base Ten BINGO
Base Ten Fun
Ten Frame

Unit 5:  Ten-Structured Applications
Tens and Ones

Unit 6:  Comparisons and Data Formats
Grapher: Create a bar graph
Bugs in the System: Cyberbugs
Graphs:  Olivia Octagon

Unit 7:  Fractions, Circle Graphs, and Clocks
Mr. Anker's Fractions    
Fractions Made Easy
Cross the River
Mr. Anker's ClockWork: Half Hour

Unit 8:  Money and 2-Digit Addition
Learning Coins

Coin Box
Do You Have Enough Money?

Unit 9:  Analyze Story Problems

Unit 10:  Measurement
Time to Move: Fish Tank     
Measurement: Inches
Measurement Test