Matt Follmuth
Welcome to fifth grade! My name is Matt Follmuth and this is my fourteenth year in Milaca. I teach reading and social studies and switch classes with Mrs. Juntunen, who teaches math, science, and health. My family and I live in Milaca and we are enjoying the area! Outside of school I enjoy reading, fishing, kayaking, camping, baseball, football, movies, and spending time with friends and family.

I look forward to a wonderful year with you! I hope that we can make your child's education a positive experience together!

Language Arts
Students in Mr. Follmuth’s communications class will be finding books to read for fun at Students have Lexile Ranges from their NWEA Reading tests. They can enter their range, take a quick interest survey, and a list of books at their level will be available to them. We encourage students to read books at their reading level in order to make them better readers and increase their vocabulary. This does not mean that they cannot read lower-level or higher-level books. It is still fun to do that. Reading is reading. Reading lower books is fine at home. I would like to see them reading books at their level here at school. Reading higher books is fine with parent’s permission. It is best to read higher-level books together to help with difficult words and plot events or if there are any questions. Remember, reading is like anything in life. You need to practice at your level in order to maintain your skills and make yourself better.

One of our biggest goals for fifth grade is to help students become more independent.  We will spend a lot of time and have many lessons on independence and what it means to be independent throughout the school year.

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Mr. Follmuth's Fifth Grade

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