Tom Knapp

Trick-shot artist extrodernaire. That describes Knapp’s long career
as a master exhibition shotgun performer who thrilled crowds at
events across the country and in Europe, as well as TV viewers.

Knapp, a 1969 Milaca graduate, made his precision shots firing his
pump-action shotgun from the hip, from behind his back and from
over his head. He held many records and could hit targets as small
as aspirin tablets.

Tom was featured on the History Channel program “Sharpshooters”
and a highlight video of his shots has drawn more than three million
viewers on YouTube. He was noted for his big smile and outgoing
personality. Friends say he was a marksman as early as his junior
high years.

Knapp’s exhibition events were sponsored by firearms and ammunition
manufacturers, including Winchester Olin, Federal Cartridge
and Benelli. After 25 years working for the Hennepin County Parks
Department he decided to tour full time.
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