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Unofficial Election Results

I’m very sorry to report that Milaca Public Schools voters did not approve our school funding requests on the May 8 special election:  40.5% said yes.  While our facilities needs are real, our community was not able to support our requests. We now need to determine why these requests failed, as they were based on research and community input on how best to meet students’ needs and maintain district facilities. Even though this is very disappointing, I want to thank everyone who shared our information with others and voted.  We will continue to make efforts to Instill Pride and Achieve Excellence here at Milaca Public Schools.  ~Superintendent Truebenbach..More Information

Deferred Maintenance Video

Deferred maintenance is part of the project the referendum is bringing to the voters for consideration. Deferred maintenance projects include upgrades to building safety and security by adding additional security cameras, repairing the roof, repairing windows in the elementary, and updates to the pool area. These upgrades and repairs will not only make the building more efficient and safe, but also provide for a better educational experience for our children. ..More Information

Career Tech Education Space Video

Career Tech Education space is included in the project the referendum is bringing to voters for consideration on May 8. This expansion would include renovating existing space to provide greater opportunities for our children who choose a career path other than a traditional 4-year university degree. Improvements in this area include a projects bay, fabrication lab, enhanced botany and taxidermy facilities, and a renovated small engine storage area...More Information

Fieldhouse Video

A fieldhouse is one of projects the referendum is bringing to the voters for consideration. A four-station fieldhouse would relocate physical education classes that are currently held in hallways due to lack of gym space, reduce current displacement of physical education classes when school day concerts are practicing or performing, create additional space for sports practices reducing late night practices, as well as offer community access to an indoor walking track and weight room.

..More Information

Performing Arts Space Video

Auditorium space is one of projects the referendum is bringing to the voters for consideration. A new 800-seat auditorium would bring the Milaca facilities up to par with the rest of the school districts in the Granite Ridge Conference. The auditorium would include dressing rooms, a scene shop, and main lobby. This space would be used for band, choir, and music classes; presentations for students; band and choir concerts; music and play contests; school play performances; community theater; and other community performances. 

..More Information

March 27, 2018 - Voting Information

Milaca Schools is conducting a special election on May 8. The polling place for election day voting is Milaca City Hall, 255 1st Street East, Milaca. The hours for voting on May 8 are 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. For the voting question, see the sample ballot.


In Minnesota, you can vote early by absentee ballot. Absentee ballots are now available! There are two options for absentee ballot voting: by mail or in person. Vote early by absentee ballot by:

..More Information

March 16, 2018 -
Referendum Letter 

March 16, 2018


Dear Parent/Guardian,


On February 5, the Milaca School Board held a special board meeting to discuss the district’s 24 month facilities exploration. The Board also revisited projects discussed at the January 22 public hearing. These facility projects will create a better balance between addressing school and community needs while considering taxpayer impact. Throughout the process the Board engaged and collected community input at Town Hall meetings, public Regular and Special Board Meetings, and a Public Hearing.

..More Information

February 20, 2018 -
Referendum Update

At the January 22 Public Hearing regarding the facility project, the Board selected facility projects totaling $41.01 million to be submitted to the State of Minnesota for “review & comment.” Projects that were selected create a financial ceiling, which, once submitted and approved by the state, cannot be exceeded.


..More Information

February 20, 2018 -
Press Release

On February 20, the School Board of Milaca approved a referendum to voters on May 8, 2018.

At the school board meeting the Board had an opportunity to review the last 18 months of a timeline, which is a subset of the plan established more than 2 years ago. The process to date included the development of the district’s mission, vision and belief statements; the construction of the new Academic Learning Center (ALC) to expand educational opportunities, and the community process which has led to the May 8 referendum.

..More Information

January 4, 2018 - 
Press Release

Early last year, the Milaca School District received a request by a community engagement group to investigate the potential of further investment by their taxpayers. The district began exploring what options taxpayers would support.

To begin exploring options, a community survey was conducted in June 2017 to understand what taxpayers would support. Survey respondents indicated that 77% supported a Career & Technical Education (CTE) space, and 68% supported a community fieldhouse/exercise/meeting space and space for school and community arts/music.  

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