Milaca Public Schools
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2021-2022 School Updates

Safe. Strong. Together


We did it! We can now celebrate a unique but excellent school year. As the school busses left on May 28th full of students, it demonstrated the amazing things the Milaca-area communities can accomplish when faced with challenges. Thank you to everyone for their commitment and dedication to the students of Milaca Public Schools. This school year’s obstacles were unprecedented, but we were resilient and stayed together throughout the process as a school community. 

I am proud of the Milaca Public School staff, our parents and caregivers, our communities, and most importantly, our students. As a school district, we are striving for normalcy next school year. At this time, there are many indications that school will start to return as it was before the pandemic. This is ever-changing, and there are still several months until the school year, but I am very optimistic.  I will continue to keep the school district community informed as we prepare for the 2021-2022 school year. Please review the following document that will be reviewed continually leading up to the 2021-2022 school year. Please contact with any comments or feedback. 

Through the pandemic, we have also learned several things that can be utilized in the future to improve education for students and families. One has been the connection that has been made between our students, families, and school. The engagement in our students’ education has never been greater, and your hard work has shown. I hope we can continue this engagement and passion for the education of our students moving forward. 

Lastly, this has been an exhausting year for staff, students, and families. Please take this time in the summer to celebrate a great school year and to relax. You all deserve it. 

Thank you for this school year and for highlighting the resilience and greatness of the Milaca School District and our great communities. 

Go Wolves!

Dr. David Wedin

Superintendent Milaca Public Schools


Please continue to monitor this page, your email, and the district Facebook page ( for the latest school year information.