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2020-2021 School Updates

The COVID-19 global pandemic has and will continue to profoundly impact the educational setting at Milaca Public Schools and across the country. Milaca Public Schools is excited to have students and staff back in the building. As a school district, we are working diligently to keep a safe and healthy environment. While some things at school will appear and feel normal, other things are different due to mitigating the risk for students, staff, and community. As we navigate the challenges throughout the school year, we are committed to our guiding principles:

  • Maintain the health, wellness, and safety of the entire school community

    • Flexibility for our most at-risk students, staff, and families

    • Compliance with social distancing recommendations and PPE as required

    • Preparedness for responding to local, state, and federal orders

  • Commit to developing equitable and innovative approaches that meet the academic and social-emotional needs of all students

  • Support all staff to adapt and respond to the instructional and operational needs of all students

  • Sustain open communication with the Milaca Public Schools community

Our success as a school district will hinge on our ability and willingness to follow the science, be agile, flexible, and ready to deal with the unknown. It will be critical that we acknowledge and embrace that this year will be very different than those in our past. Thank you for the continued help and support you provide at home!

Please continue to monitor this page, your email, and the district Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/MilacaPublicSchools) for the latest school year information.