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This course will introduce students to the world of marketing. Students will learn about the role of marketing in their personal life & business world, how it ties to the global economy, and how it continues to change at a rapid pace. Students will look at marketing, selling, pricing and promotion of new and existing products. They will also get an introduction into marketing research and have the opportunity to conduct their own research. They will develop a marketing plan for a product and also investigate a variety of careers involved in the field of marketing.

Project/Units include:

Functions of Marketing and the Product/Price/Place/Promotion Strategies

  • Create a billboard
  • Develop a Profile for a local Business
  • Create New Beverage project

Economics and Relationships to Marketing, Business Cycle

  • Research foreign country and the economy
  • Why We Buy - DVD
  • Evaluating Products Demonstration

Promotion, Visual Merchandising, Displays, Publicity and Public Relations, Advertising

  • Commercials production
  • Display Window Competition
  • Presenting and Selling a Product - Sales presentation
  • Types of Advertising Portfolio

Distribution, E-commerce, Pricing Techniques

  • Visual Presentations
  • Advantages/Disadvantages Chart
  • Case Studies

Product Mix Strategies, Branding/Packaging, Market Research

  • Food Packages Activity
  • Business Case Study
  • Survey and Presenting results