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Some Websites to Visit

Great for Both Students and Parents!!!




Storyline Online


               Books read to you by movie stars!!!!  Follow up activies for students and parents!

               Great site for Reading and Math Games for Grades K-5.

Beginning Reading (about 1st to 3rd grade) Helps students practice their sounds, phonics, and learn to read with fun stories.

On this site you can choose from a variety of games and quizzes for just about any subject.  On the language arts portion you can choose, phonics, and a variety of grammar sheets.  There are also games, and places where you can make your own word scramble with your vocabulary, or spelling words.


Primary Games

This site you can choose from a variety of word building games and short stories to read with your student.  For games that are similar to boggle, and word scrambles.


PBS Kids


This website allows for a variety of topics for younger students from learning sounds, to fact and opinion.  There are reading games, vocabulary games, and spelling games.  Pick your subject (there are even math and science games) and enjoy learning with your students favorite PBS Kids show!


Reading Resource


This is a list of reading skills/topics you can choose for your child to work on.   You can choose from letter recognition to grammar and comprehension skills.


Kids Read


            Read book reviews, search for your favorite author, to find that next favorite book to read!!!



Sheppards Software

               Here is a great site for students of all ages.  You can pick your operation, grade 
               level, and
math subject! 




            Great website for any grade.  Parents can pick the skill that the student needs to work on or is
            working on in school that day!  Note: This site only lets you in so many times a day.  Unless
            you become a member.


Cool Math 4 Kids


This site lets you choose the math topic of your choice.  It has options of practice games, to actual explanations of how to do math problems step by step.


Math Playground


Covers math models, computation, math facts, extra worksheets for help at home!  Complete with answer sheets too!


Kids Numbers


            Another variety of math games from addition to algebra!