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Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is the norms of appropriate, responsible technology use, and includes topics such as: internet safety, copyright fair use, and identifying reliable sources.

Core Components:
  • Personal Safety on the Internet. Students must understand that people are not always who they say they are. They should never give out personal information without an adult’s permission, especially if it conveys where they can be found at a particular time. They should understand that predators are always present on the Internet. Students should recognize the various forms of cyberbullying and know what steps to take if confronted with that behavior.
  • Information on the Internet. Students and their families should discuss how to identify acceptable sites to visit and what to do if an inappropriate site is accessed. Students should be informed about various Web advertising techniques and realize that not all sites provide truthful information.
  • Activities on the Internet. Likewise, students and their families should discuss acceptable social networking and communication methods and the appropriate steps to take when encountering a problem. Students should know the potential dangers of e- mailing, gaming, downloading files, and peer-to-peer computing (e.g., viruses, legal issues, harassment, sexual predators, identity theft).
Online Resources
The Minnesota Department of Education provided these sites as resources that you can use with your child to learn and discuss digital citizenship and online safety topics.
Microsoft Safety and Security Center  The Microsoft site Safety and Security Center  has internet safety tips for parents and families, including a section entitled “Protect my kids from on-line risks.”
GetNetWise GetNetWise: is a public service developed by a wide range of Internet industry corporations and public interest organizations.
 i-SAFE  i-SAFE i-SAFE - Internet Safety Education is a non-profit foundation for internet safety education.
WiredSafety  WiredSafety and provides help, information and education to Internet and mobile device users of all ages handling cases of cyber abuse ranging from identity theft, online fraud and cyber stalking, to hacking and malicious code attacks. is a US charity operating through its volunteers worldwide.
CommonSenseMedia CommonSense Media has useful information for parents in a digital age.