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January 4, 2018 - 
Press Release

Early last year, the Milaca School District received a request by a community engagement group to investigate the potential of further investment by their taxpayers. The district began exploring what options taxpayers would support.

To begin exploring options, a community survey was conducted in June 2017 to understand what taxpayers would support. Survey respondents indicated that 77% supported a Career & Technical Education (CTE) space, and 68% supported a community fieldhouse/exercise/meeting space and space for school and community arts/music.  

The results also showed the community believes the district operates responsibly:

  • 61% said the Milaca School District spent taxpayer money wisely;
  • 87% thought the local school system was a good value investment;
  • 60% thought the past referendum funds spent were spent responsibly;
  • 78% were of the opinion that the school district does a good job including the community and providing transparency in its activities.


Milaca School District has developed facility options, based on the survey results, that include Career & Technical Education (Vo-Tech) facilities to enhance education for non-university bound students, a community center and fieldhouse inclusive of a public access fitness facility with locker rooms, and a new community musical performance and theatre space. The district also recognizes the importance of maintaining the current facility by including outstanding critical deferred maintenance issues.

Throughout the process, Milaca School District has taken steps to ensure the public was properly informed and had opportunity to participate. The facility options were communicated through multiple town hall meetings, which more than 125 staff and community taxpayers attended. Each town hall meeting narrowed the focus of the project based on the value to taxpayers, tax impact, and community access and value.

On January 22, at 7:00 p.m. in the Dahlagher Theater, the Milaca School Board is hosting a Public Hearing. The Board invites every taxpayer to participate at the hearing and is interested in all input. The public will discuss concerns through a public discussion. After the discussion, the School Board will discuss and vote on the final scope of the project.

The Milaca School District understands there are many taxpayers critical of what investments are considered ‘absolutely necessary.’ “We are only interested in what our public will support. In this plan we are confident that not only the school district; but more importantly our public, will benefit from this project long-term,” commented Superintendent Tim Truebenbach.

The goal has always been, and continues to be, transparency of public work driven by taxpayers. “Our children are our future, but our taxpayers are the ones who are being asked to invest today.  We need to balance both equitably.”  - Jeff Larson, School Board Chair

A final project, if chosen to proceed, will be scheduled for a referendum vote on May 8, 2018.  If you have any questions please contact Superintendent, Tim Truebenbach at 320-982-7210.


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