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How Does a Child Receive Special Education Services
The school will conduct an evaluation to determine your child's areas of need (such as reading, math and/or written language). With your input, goals will be written to improve the areas of need identified. These goals will be written on a document called an Individual Educational Program (IEP)/Interagency Individual Intervention Plan (IIIP). Specialized instruction may be provided in the areas of need. Special education areas of need may include:

*Reading           *Self-help Skills                   *Communication
*Writing             *Motor Skills                        *Organizational Skills
*Math Skills       *Transition Skills                 *Social Skills
*Related Services

Related services such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, Developmental Adaptive Physical Education (DAPE), etc. are provided if it is determined the child would not be able to meet their instructional goals without this service. Related services cannot be provided unless the student is already receiving a special education service in a disability area, such as learning disability. The related service is only provided if the student requires the service in order to make progress on IEP/IIIP goals.