Kindergarten Discipline Procedure

The purpose of this plan is to reward students for making good choices in school and give consequences for disruptive behaviors that take away from learning. The behavior bank system is a discipline procedure for all of Kindergarten.

The behavior bank consists of earning "play" coins for respectful behavior, being a good friend, bringing back homework, and following school rules. When your child is spotted exhibiting one of these behaviors they will receive a "play" penny, nickel, or dime to put into their envelope. There will be a banking times set up in each classroom for the children to exchange their smaller coins for larger coins (i.e. trading five pennies for a nickel). Each month, your child's Kindergarten classroom will have a store open for the children to shop using their coins that they have earned.

When cleaning out closets, cupboards, or bedrooms, please keep your child's Kindergarten class in mind. We would LOVE donations for our classroom stores!

In the event that your child is having a difficult time following school rules and/or being respectful a Stop and Think 10 form is a form used to document these behaviors. If your child receives a Stop and Think 10 they will bring it home in their folder and a copy will be sent to the Elementary Office. Please review the Stop and Think 10 form with your child, sign it, and send it back to school the next day.

If the behavior bank is not working with your child, both the teacher and the parents will work together to develop a more individualized plan.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact your child's Kindergarten teacher. We appreciate all of your support!

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