Milaca Public Schools
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Kindergarten Discipline Procedure

Each Kindergarten classroom will teach the introductory lessons in The Power of Three curriculum created by Dan Mades.  The Power of Three creates a common language and processing strategy that can be used with every student.  The lessons help the students understand and process their "big feelings" so that they can make positive choices that will enable them to become more successful.  If a student struggles after the introductory lessons and continues to exhibit verbal or physical behaviors, the curriculum offers a plan for the next level of interventions for the student(s).  The Power of Three will work in tandem with our Behavior Intervention Response Team (BIRT).

At Milaca Elementary School we use Discipline Referrals to document student behaviors that are repetitive and/or severe in nature.  If your child receives a Discipline Referral, please sign it and have your child return it to school the following day.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the person who assigned the Discipline Referral.  We appreciate all of your support!  

When cleaning out closets, cupboards, or bedrooms ~ please keep your child's Kindergarten teacher in mind!  We LOVE donations for our classroom store (McDonald's toys, cars, and any other small items, etc.).