Milaca Public Schools
500 Highway 23 West
Milaca, MN 56353

Post High School Planning

Career Exploration

* Minnesota Career Information System 
Student user name: LastnameFirstname ; Password: FirstnamestudentID#
Example:  John Smith; ID #9999
User name:SmithJohn ; Password: John9999

* MN Colleges and Universities CAREERwise

* AmeriCorps
* Minnesota's AmeriCorps

* Military Branches

* Minnesota CareerForce 

*Apprenticeship Programs
        Apprenticeship Sponsors in Minnesota

*Construction Careers



 College Credit Options
There are many ways Milaca students can earn college credit while in high school. Each of the options are described in the College Credit Options section of the "Student Registration Handbook" (see the link on the left). 

* CLEP (College-Level Examination Program)

* AP (Advanced Placement) Exams


College Exploration and Information

* MN Office of Higher Education College Planning

* Big Future by College Board

* Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (Minnesota State)

* Minnesota Private Colleges

* University of Minnesota

Paying For College

* MN Office of Higher Education Paying For College Information
-includes a Financial Aid Estimator Tool

*Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)