10th Grade Health


Instructors' Names: Mr. Arens and Mrs. Berg

Room Number: 133                                                                                   Phone Number: 320-982-7387 Arens

E-mail address:  paul.arens@milaca.k12.mn.us                                                                 320-982-7323 Berg

                           jocelyn.berg@milaca.k12.mn.us                                                               320-982-7333 Health Rm.

Best time to contact:  

    7:15am - 8:00 am or 3:15-3:45 pm    


Course Description:

The intent of the Health Program is to help you make independent, informed decisions concerning your physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being.  It encourages you to discover your capabilities and responsibilities for attitudes and patterns of behavior that will promote a full and satisfying life.  During these units you will become aware of community health resources and will hear from a variety of speakers.


Units of Study*

    Semester 1                            Semester 2

•Understanding Health & Wellness                         •Nutrition

•Responsible Decision Making                                •Chemical Health

•Self-Esteem                                                                    - Tobacco, Drugs & Alcohol

•Stress Management                                                     - Addiction and Codependency

•Mental Health                                                          •Growth and Development

 -Coping with Loss and Grief                                                     - reproductive anatomy, organ function,

 -Mental Disorders    hormones                                                            - the birth process, birth control

 -Suicide Prevention                                                  •Aids, STDs and Disease of the reproductive organs

 -Mental Health Professionals                                                              

*Unit sequence may be adjusted due to  school related testing and/or events.



Grades are based on an accumulation of points throughout the quarter. Points are earned from daily work, tests, projects  and/or research papers.


        95-100% = A    77 - 79% = C+    60 - 62% = D-

        90 - 94% = A-    73 - 76% = C    59% & below = F

        87 - 89% = B+    70 - 72% = C-

        83 - 86% = B    67 - 69%= D+

        80 - 82% = B-    63 - 66%= D


We as teachers do NOT give grades, students EARN grades.


Make-Up Work

It is the your responsibility to check Google Classroom every day to see what you have missed with your absence.  Seek help from your teacher before or after school NOT during class.


Material Needed For Class

You are expected to bring a notebook, folder, pencil or pen to class.  Textbooks will remain in the room unless checked out with instructor.

Classroom Rules/Expectations/Consequences

  1. Be On Time. (Seated when the bell rings)


2. Be Prepared. (Have all required materials with you and ready to use)


3. Follow Teachers directions the first time they are given.


4. Respect your teacher and classmates in words and actions.


5. Class time is for class activities.




Rule #1: 3 Tardy’s=Morning Detention  (7:45-8:10 a.m.) as well as each Tardy after that. Skipping results in an all day ISD.


Rule #2: Needing to go back to your locker for materials results in a tardy.


Rule #3: 1) Warning 2) Lunch/Morning Detention


Rule #4: Lunch/Morning Detention


Rule #5: 1) IPAD gets taken/Food or Drink are thrown away 2) Lunch/Morning Detention


Attendance Policy

In accordance with the attendance policy you will be allowed 7 absences because this class meets every other day.   After 7 absences, you will lose credit in this class.  Please see your student handbook for further detail.


***Please share this syllabus with your parent/guardian.  Read, sign and return the lower portion of this page.  

    Return of this form counts as your first graded assignment!






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