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Pencil Tap
Goal:  To increase fluency for students who lack self correction skills

Objective:  To increase reading fluency for students who:

Make many reading errors which they do not independently self correct
Demonstrate the skills to correct words read in error when cued to do so


Materials:  Short texts in which the student is able to self correct most errors if given a cue from the teacher to do so



Teacher:  “Today you’re going to do some reading out loud for me.  If you make a mistake, I am going to tap my pencil.  When I tap my pencil, you stop, fix your error, then go back to the beginning of the sentence.  Remember, stop, fix, go back.  What will you do when I tap my pencil? 


Student begins reading from text.  Teacher taps pencil lightly but immediately each time the student makes a reading error.  Suggestion:  tap with the eraser end of a pencil. 


After tapping, the teacher waits silently for five seconds.  If the student makes the corrections, praise him/her for good reading.  He/she goes back to the beginning of the sentence and starts again. 


If the student does not self-correct the word he/she missed, use the standard correction, “that word is ____.  What word?”  The student repeats the word.  Teacher says, “yes that word is ____.”  Student goes back to the beginning of the sentence to begin again. 


Student reads the same passage three times.  Follow the same format each time. 



What If I Don’t See Progress: 

Does the student self correct most errors when given a cue but no additional assistance?
Have sessions been regular and frequent?
Has there been sufficient praise?
Are the error correction procedures being delivered correctly and consistently?
Does the student have serious decoding issues that need to be addressed?