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Echo Reading
Goal:  To increase fluency for students who need a model and/or who often lose their spot while reading


Objective:  To increase fluent reading particularly for students who:

Benefit from an immediate model for correct word reading
Often lose their spot while reading
Don’t move on to the next word quickly enough


Materials:  Short texts that the student can read with at least 95% accuracy and a timer



1.Teacher sits next to or across from the student and gives student a copy of a reading passage
2.Teacher says, “We’re going to read this story together.  Follow along with your finger.  I will read a word, then you will read the same word.  I will read the next word, then you will read that word.  We will read each sentence like that three times, then you will read that sentence by yourself.  We will do this for three sentences, then you will read those three sentences by yourself.”
3.Teacher reads the first word of the passage, student immediately echoes.  Teacher and student track simultaneously by teacher pointing over and student pointing under each word.  Repeat one sentence three times in this manner.
4.The student then reads that sentence independently.
5.Repeat process for sentences 2 & 3.
6.The student reads those three sentences independently.
7.Continue pattern with next three sentences.
8.If the student makes an error, teacher rereads the word, student echoes.  Then, the teacher goes back to the beginning of that sentence. 
9.After about 100 words have been read, student reads the passage out loud independently for one minute.  Teacher calculates WRC/M.

What If I Don’t See Progress: 

Does the student make no more than 5% errors on the text being utilized?
Have sessions been regular and frequent?
Has there been sufficient praise?
Are the error correction procedures being delivered correctly and consistently?
Is the student actively reading each word during echo practice, or just repeating the words without looking carefully at the text?