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Goal:  To increase fluency


Objective:  Given a reading passage, students will read the text phrase by phrase to build fluency.


Materials:  Copies of independent or instructional level texts.



1.Pair students so that more proficient readers are paired with less proficient ones.
2.For each pair, select a reading passage at the less proficient reader’s instructional level.
3.Prepare each passage by placing slash marks between two and five word sentence segments and prepositional phrases.  For example:  The big dog / chased the cat / through the house.  (A slash indicates how the sentence should be chunked for practicing fluency).
4.Explain to the students that phrase by phrase reading can help improve fluency.
5.Model fluent reading from a passage while students follow along.  Pause to emphasize the chunking of words into phrases.
6.Give students copies of the prepared passages.
7.Have pairs take turns reading aloud.  Encourage students to pause briefly between marked phrases.  As one student reads, the other can help decode any unfamiliar words.
8.Monitor each pair.



For students having difficulty with this intervention, cut the sentences into phrases, reorder the phrases, and have students practice reading the phrases individually.