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Repeated Reading
Goal:  To increase fluency for students who read with high accuracy


Objective:  To increase fluent reading on passages for students who

Read with high accuracy
Show benefit from repeated practice on the same passage


Materials:  Two copies of texts that the student can read with at least 95% accuracy, a stop watch, and pencil/pen for the teacher to mark errors



1.Teacher explains that students will be reading a passage multiple times to work on increasing fluency (fluency is rate and accuracy and expression – not just speed).
2.Teacher gives copies of passages to student.
3.(Optional Step) Student whisper reads passage to him/herself while tracking with his/her finger to figure out unknown words.  Students may ask about any unknown words.
4.Teacher explains that for the first reading out loud, the student will read for one minute.
5.Teacher says “begin” and starts the stop watch.
6.Student reads the passage out loud.
7.Teacher marks errors and monitors stopwatch.  At one minute, teacher says “stop” and marks the last word read by the student.
8.Teacher records number of correct words per minute and graphs result, showing the graph to the student. 
9.Teacher provides standard error correction for each word the student read in error.  (“That word is ____.  What word?”  The student repeats the word.  Teacher says, “yes, that word is ____.”  Student goes back to the beginning of the sentence to begin again). 
10.Repeat steps 5-9 approximately four times (student reads, teacher times, words read correctly are recorded, and errors are corrected).


What If I Don’t See Progress: 

  • Is the reading material at a level the student can read with at least 95% accuracy?
  • Have sessions been regular and frequent?
  • Has there been sufficient praise?
  • Are the error correction procedures being delivered correctly and consistently?